About Us


All It Took Was Maple’s Innocent Brown Eyes

Furry Furtune’s origin story is nothing short of extraordinary! It all began when I was casually eating my fortune cookie and my lifelong friend Maple walked in. Maple is of an English/American Pitbull breed. As she laid her innocent big brown puppy eyes on my fortune cookie I couldn’t help but think, ‘Is there any way I can create a fortune cookie just for her?’

This was my eureka moment. I began working on the idea of creating an organic fortune cookie for those furry friends we all love and adore. It was my belief that the heart warming message inside each fortune cookie would make our bond even stronger. Now, after all these years, I am happy to know that thousands of people and their pets are along with us on this journey of health and kindness.

Why Pets Love Furry Furtunes

From wagging tails to soothing purrs, we know the joy and love that pets bring into our lives. That’s why we’re committed to providing top-quality products to support their health and happiness.

Irresistible Flavors

Our treats are packed with mouthwatering flavors that pets can’t resist.

Premium Ingredients

We pamper pets with treats made from premium, lovingly chosen ingredients.

Fun and Playfulness

Our treats add an extra dose of fun to playtime and training sessions.

Customer Reviews

The feedback from our valuable customers in the pet owners community makes us want to keep innovating healthier pet food. Have a look at what they’re saying about our crunchy dog biters.

My cat Whiskers is very picky when it comes to food/treats but when it comes to Furry Furtunes, he can’t get enough! These treats have definitely won me over!



Our dog Hope loves Furry Furtunes. Ever since we started giving her these treats we’ve been over the moon! These treats have truly become a daily delight for our furry friend!

Mark & Emily


Furry Furtunes have become an essential part of our pet’s daily routine. Our dogs adore them, and we love that they’re made from wholesome, fresh ingredients.

Amanda & John


These treats work so well for my two dogs who sometimes get a little bonkers during the dead of winter when we just can’t get out to walk as often.



Furry Friends & Happy Moments

Explore heartwarming moments and contagious smiles in our gallery of pure pet happiness.